The message of Jesus Christ is not just for those who attend church.  Our goal is to reach our local community with the love of God demonstrated through tangible acts of service.  But we don’t want to stop there.  We want to partner with others to help all people everywhere, to hear of the amazing love of God.  That’s why we partner with domestic and foreign ministries to help make the world a little better place to be.  
A portion of every dollar given at LCC goes to support these ministries.  We not only help financially, but we also support through prayer, and through serving at these ministries on a regular basis.
It’s also important to note that the missional ministries listed below are not the only missions we support, but the missions we support most regularly through giving and serving.  
Chinese To Christ Ministries:
“We are called by God to make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ among the Chinese people in China and beyond.  We perceive China as our main field of harvest and the Gospel shall reach every tribe and province in the nation.”
C2C Mission exists to evangelize Chinese people, plant churches in China, train, equip, send, and support them to make disciples.   
If you’d like to visit the Chinese To Christ Ministries website directly, please click here.
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission:
NWHCM exists “to serve the people of the Northwest region of Haiti.”
They provides sustainable, real support to Haitians in need, enriching their lives both spiritually and physically.
If you’d like to visit the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission website directly, please click here.
Restoration House Ministries:
RHM seeks to transform the spiritual landscape of New England.
They accomplish this through planting new churches, and have assisted in the birth of 16 new churches in New England since 1999.
If you’d like to visit the Restoration House Ministries website directly, please click here.
Teen Challenge:
Teen Challenge works to granting hope, strength, and courage to addicts and their families. This highly structured program gives the addict the framework they need to rebuild their self-worth, overcome life’s struggles, and be a productive member of society.
If you’d like to visit the Teen Challenge website directly, please click here.
“Bringing students closer to Jesus.  Serving families through free home repairs.”
workcampNE is a non profit organization that mobilizes students and provides opportunities to serve families in need through major and minor home repair.  Every year hundreds of students from across the U.S. work to paint, replace roofs, build wheelchair ramps, lay flooring, or build/repair decks all at no cost to the home owner.  This is simply done to show them the love of Christ.
If you’d like to visit the workcampNE website directly, please click here.